Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Learning Without Frontiers- Update 2

Should be a good day ahead...games based learning is the focus.

Some excellent ideas from from Derek Robertson-Consolarium, (blog). My next focus is definitely going to be games based learning and raising it's profile in school. I'm sure students will take no convincing of it's benefits so need to work with colleagues to convince them!

Also, I want to drive forward the "power up" of the school. Bring your mobile to school day?? Bring your hand held games device to school day? Use your social networking to connect school and students....and break down barriers....and remove myths surrounding their use in education?

So many ideas and initiatives form the LWF 11, that it's difficult to choose the best one to focus on. Need to prioritize some of these and look for the idea that will make the biggest impact. How do I measure that? My teaching? Whole school issues? Whole community issues???

Some more excellent speakers in the afternoon that helped to pose important questions. I think that one of the main topics that I will take from the whole event is about rainsing the profile of students to become content creators and not just consumers.

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