Sunday, 30 January 2011


Used Linoit for the first time with yr10 students and this was the response from a 5 min starter!

Very happy with it and as it is embedded on the VLE it is easy to access and refer back to continually throughout the unit of work. Next step is for the students to post their progress...

Trying to use Linoit with my classes. I have been using Wallwisher, mainly for A4L purposes, but it has been a little problematic. I hope that they resolve the problema and I can cotinue to incorporate it.

Well, Linoit looks just as interesting. There are features to add stickies, attach documents, video and images. Stickies can be tagged which is good. I am using it as a support for a multimedia product unit. If students have a problem they post and tag a red stickie, blue for possible solutions, green for definite solutions and yellow for ideas or resources to share with the whole class. It sounds simple enough so I hope that it develops further.

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